Wine Racks

Wine racks are a great way to accessorize any kitchen. They add style and functionality to any wine lover's kitchen design. There are several options for implementing this component in your design. See options below that can be ordered in your choice of species and finish to match your project. Speak to a customer services specialist for custom orders. 

BR1 - This style of bottle rack can be customized to fit your cabinet. Please specify the width, height and wood species of the bottle rack. You will only need to supply the outside measurements for the piece in order for it to come centered correctly. The bottle rack is precision machined on CNC equipment and therefore it will come consistently to you each time you order it. Edges that come in contact with the bottles and fingers have a 1/8” radius; edges in contact with the cabinet have a square edge. The standard thickness is ¾”. This bottle rack is sold as a single unit. If you require one for the front and back you will need to order 2.


BR1 wine rack

BR2 & BR3 - These are our unframed and framed lattice style bottle racks. The racks are made from a 5/8”x3/4” machined material with a radius on all four edges and has a cross cut dado cut on the back so each intersection forms a cross lap joint. Simply supply the outside dimensions and wood species. The bottle pattern will be centred for you, making optimum use of the available space. The BR3 framed lattice is framed with 3/4” x 3/4” material that is screwed to the lattice. (These screws will get covered when installed in the cabinet.) The bottle opening space is 4”x4”. Most applications will require a rack in the front of the cabinet and one in the back. Please order two racks if this is your intended application. The machined sticks, J133 can be ordered by the linear foot if you would like to assemble the lattice yourself.

J133 wine rack molding

BR2&3 wine rack