Wood Moldings


All moldings are sold by the linear foot. If you need specific lengths, please indicate on the order form and we will do our best to supply you with those lengths. If it is not possible, a Customer Service Specialist will contact you to determine the best possible solution.

Set-Up vs Non Set-Up

Set-up charges are based on the quantity of orders as well as the accumulative sales volume of each profile in all species. With a high volume profile, numerous orders accumulate in a short time period allowing multiple customers to unknowingly work together to eliminate a set-up charge. When considering a high quantity order, please contact your Customer Service Specialist to receive a quote where the set-up might be negated due to the size of order.

Custom Profiles

Even with over 3000 Custom production different profiles on file, occasionally we will not have the profiles you need for a project. With the ability to produce our own knives, you can feel confident that with just a drawing or an existing molding sample, Elias Woodwork will be able to produce the profile you need. A minimal one time knife charge may be assessed, depending on the size of the order.

Species & Prefinishing

You do not need to specify a species grade when ordering moldings. Elias Woodwork strives to provide consistent quality moldings as the lumber comes to us.

Our moldings are available in raw wood, or in the following coated options. Please see more information on our coatings.

  • Clear Lacquer
  • Stain & Lacquer
  • Glazed
  • Primed Only
  • Primed and Painted
  • Distressed, Antiqued, Distressed & Antiqued, Rub Through (Some small moldings cannot be Distressed)
  • Rigid Thermofoil Wrap (Most moldings can be ordered with RTF wrap, please check with your Customer Service Specialist).

Molding Measurements

Please use the following diagram to interpret molding measurements supplied.

Molding Measurement Illustration


Watch a short video on how we make your quality wood moldings and learn how custom moldings are made. 
Type of Molding
Setup Fee