S4S (Surfaced on 4 Sides)

Custom sized dimensional lumber can be ordered and is sold by the linear foot. To receive prices for dimensional lumber simply specify the following:

  1. Wood species
  2. Cut of wood, ie; flat, rift or quarter cut
  3. Width
  4. Thickness
  5. Edge Profile
  6. Linear feet required
  7. Length per piece preference

S4S Molding


All of the S4S material we manufacture is surfaced on four sides and then sanded. We always sand the face side using 180 grit sandpaper by default when manufacturing S4S. If you require other surfaces to recieve sanding, please notify us when placing your order. All S4S comes with square edges by default. If any edges are to be profiled, please indicate the corresponding number on the diagram to be profiled. Our standard “wood grades” rules apply when we sort for color and material defect. If your specifications concerning color, knots or sanding requirements differ from our standards please send your specifications for us to follow. Please inquire with an Elias Woodwork Customer Specialist if you have any other questions concerning our S4S product.