New RTF Profiles and Color!

June 18, 2024
RTF (Rigid Thermofoil) cabinet doors can be an ideal option, especially given the recent developments in design and material technology. RTF doors offer a sleek, modern look with the durability and versatility needed for contemporary living spaces. RTF cabinetry can also offer a significant cost savings without sacrificing quality or style. We recently announced that our RTF products now come with a 12 Year Warranty, further adding to the benefits and quality assurance of these products. With this in mind we want to be sure you have the latest and greatest options to offer your customers. Below is a showcase of the newest RTF cabinet door profiles that are making waves in the market. 

Cordial-RTF-Celadon Green     Simpatico-RTF-Matte Viridian
   Caspian New Color   
 Door Name: Cordial
Color: Celadon Green
   Door Name: Simpatico
Color: Matte Viridian
   Door Name: Caspian
NEW Color: Smoky Blue

The Cordial and Simpatico shallow shaker cabinet door styles are a contemporary interpretation of the classic shaker design, characterized by a shallower recess in the center panel. This design maintains the simplicity and elegance of traditional shaker doors while providing a modern, streamlined appearance.

The Caspian beveled shaker cabinet door style is a contemporary twist on the classic shaker design, blending traditional simplicity with modern detailing. This profile features the hallmark clean lines and flat panel of a shaker door but adds a unique beveled edge that creates depth and visual interest. 

Whether you’re looking for something minimalist, textured, or with a bit of decorative flair, there’s an RTF profile to match. Embrace these innovative designs to bring a fresh, modern touch to any kitchen or living space. See more 1 Piece RTF door styles in our Inspiration Gallery here.