Trending Five Piece Laminate (Polyester) Door Styles & Colors

March 8, 2022
There are many reasons why 5-Piece Laminate Polyester (FPL) products can be ideal for your next cabinetry project.

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Trending Door Styles:
Mystique-Canella Rustik    
Door Style: Mystique
Color: Canella Rustik
Door Style: Portico
Color: Ember

Trending Colors: 
RTF FPL Colors March 2022
Below are some key features and a video showing how we make your quality FPL Polyester products. 

5pc Laminate Polyester Laundry RoomKey Features:

  •  Elias Woodwork’s 5 piece door components in NEXGEN™ laminates offer a permanent antibacterial surface with high heat, scratch and stain resistance.
  • Our 5 piece door profiles use environmentally friendly laminate which is a "green" product that contains an antimicrobial additive to help protect against bacteria –perfect for use in homes, healthcare facilities, schools and commercial buildings.
  • There is no staining or finishing required, therefore saving time, labor and equipment costs.
  • Wrapped profiles are also available in vinyl, foil paper, polypropylene, 60 gram paper and many veneers.
  • Our tight manufacturing tolerances produce beautiful miters.
  • We use only premium MDF for a better quality product which stays straight.
  • Formaldehyde free, no emission