Blue Cross

Comprehensive Blue Cross Coverage

  • Life Insurance
  • Dependent Life Insurance
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Short Term Disability (Weekly Indemnity)
  • Long Term Disability
  • Dental Coverage
  • Ambulance, Hospital and Semi– Private Benefits
  • Travel Health Benefits
  • Extended Health Benefits

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Comprehensive Blue Cross Coverage

Elias Woodwork has been working with Blue Cross for the past number of years in order to develop and offer our employees a comprehensive and balanced plan to fit our employees needs. It covers the most essential things when they arise, such as: Group Life and Dependent life Insurance, Long Term and Short Term Disability Insurance, Ambulance and Hospital Semi– Private benefits, Extended and Travel Health Benefits as well as Dental Benefits. 

Great West Life

RRSP Contribution Matching up to 3%

  • For employees who have worked with us for three years, the company is willing to match 2% of employee’s annual income.
  • For employees who have worked with us for  13 years, the company is willing to match 3% of employee’s annual income.


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Elias Woodwork Registered Retirement Saving Plan (RRSP)

Years of collaborative experience with Great West Life Assurance Company has provided many of our employees with financial advice from experts who have effectively managed our investments. Working with Great West Life, Elias Woodwork's employees have an opportunity to choose portfolios that best fit their preferences, ranging from aggressive growth to balanced portfolio investment funds. Our company’s RRSP Program can help you to start or continue your journey towards a secure, well-funded retirement by matching up to three percent of your annual income to your contribution.  

Work LIfe

Work Life

  • Elias Woodwork offers 3 non rotational shifts –You choose what is right for you and your family!
  • Day Shift runs from 7:30 AM - 3:45 AM
  • Evening Shift runs from Monday to Thursday from 3:30/3:45 PM - 1:30/1:45AM
  • Part Time Evening Shift runs from 4:30PM -10:30PM.

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Flexibility and  family like atmosphere

Our company is committed to providing the opportunity to work in a family-like atmosphere that allows our employees to enjoy a healthy work-life balance. We manufacture products all year round and therefore have no planned plant shutdowns, which enables employees to plan their vacation at the most convenient time for their families. Keeping the shifts non-rotational, as well as not working on the weekends, allows our employees greater freedom to easily plan for their life outside of work. 



Jobs to Careers


We value long term relationships, striving to provide a workplace where “work” turns into a fulfilling career; with recognition and rewards for achievements, as well as length of service awards.      



Social LIfe

Social Life

  • Company Summer Picnic
  • Christmas Banquet
  • Employee BBQ
  • Free Coffee
  • Two paid non statutory Holidays

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Company Picnics and Banquets 

We are a diverse workforce with different cultural backgrounds. We consider this one of our greatest resources, that contributes to our growth, creativity and productivity. We enjoy getting to know our employees and strive to create a friendly, positive, family-like environment to grow long-term relationships, by hosting annual events like our Family Picnic, Lunch Barbecue and Christmas Banquet.  

Two paid non statutory holidays (Civic and Boxing Day), and a lot more! 

Along with two paid non-statutory holidays, our employees are able to utilize other employee assistance resources, such as paid bereavement leave. In the course of employment there is always an opportunity to grow as the company continues to grow. Our employees can take advantage of career development opportunities to be promoted within their department, or advance to another department within the company. We value long term relationships, striving to provide a workplace where “work” turns into a fulfilling career; with recognition and rewards for achievements, as well as length of service awards.    

Think Safe Act Safe

Safety Incentives

  • Free Pizza Lunch to celebrate every 60 days free of accidents
  • Assisting with the cost of the Prescribed Safety Glasses
  • Safety Footwear Voucher
  • First Aid / CPR Training

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Safety Incentives 

Safety and Health has always been, is, and will be a top priority at Elias Woodwork. We are committed to providing a safe, accident-free, and healthy work environment for everyone. However, a safe and healthy environment does not occur by chance. It is the result of diligent work and careful attention to all company policies and safety procedures by all our employees and guests. We provide on the job training to all of our employees. Working safely is not a choice, but a condition of employment with Elias Woodwork. As a result of our employees safe (and hard) work, we offer the opportunity to enjoy a free pizza lunch to celebrate every sixty days free of accidents. We also offer an assistance to cover a cost for safety prescribed glasses, safety footwear voucher, participation in SAFE WORK MANITOBA workshops, as well as CPA/ First Aid training. 

Refer a Friend

Referral Bonuses

  • A monetary reward is given for those who have referred an individual who is hired and has cele-brated a one-year anniversary with Elias Wood-work.

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Referral Bonuses 

We believe in our employees; therefore, we give priority to providing a nurturing, pleasant and growth-oriented environment which encourages our staff to be highly productive, empowered, and creative while experiencing growth personally and professionally.  Based on their positive personal experience working for our company, our employees are encouraged to share their experiences with others within their communities, to attract new people to join us. A monetary reward is given for those who have referred an individual who is hired and has celebrated a one-year anniversary with Elias Woodwork.