Elias Woodwork warrants that its wood cabinet doors and drawer fronts will be free from defect in workmanship and material for one year from the date of shipment. The beauty of natural wood does allow for limited amounts of natural characteristics of wood to show.

Elias Woodwork will not be liable for any damages caused by improper handling, storage or installation of our product. Elias Woodwork will not be liable for any costs incurred by the customer for finishing, removal, installation, travel, or labor of any kind, nor any other product used with our products. This warranty covers only the replacement of our product as ordered by the customer, and the shipping charges to and from Elias Woodwork.

Due to the natural expansion and contraction of wood, any product with a laminated panel over 24” wide will carry no warranty.  This includes but is not limited to raised panel doors and drawer fronts.

Elias Woodwork will void warranty if an “unfinished or raw” wood product is not paint sealed properly within a reasonable amount of time after receiving, as we cannot be responsible for the conditions affecting the product in an unprotected state.

Over time during the normal use of doors and drawer fronts with a colored lacquer (painted) finish, a non structural hairline crack in the finish may appear on the joints of the doors / drawer fronts.  This type of crack in no way jeopardizes the structural soundness of the product, it is merely an aesthetic characteristic which is considered normal in a colored lacquer finish and is not covered by warranty.

Elias Woodwork guarantees their Rigid Thermofoil and Polyester doors and accessories against yellowing, delamination or any apparent hidden defect that might affect their quality or cause premature deterioration for a period of five years from date of shipment.  This guarantee does not apply to any deterioration of the product resulting from normal wear or when damages are caused by:

• Improper installation or exposure to the elements
• Any alteration, modification or transformation of the product
• Exposure to temperatures above 85° C (185° F)

Remakes / Replacement Products

If Elias Woodwork makes a mistake on your order, or if freight damage has occurred, we will replace the products on our Priority Plus service level at no charge. These products will be shipped by the standard Ground service. It can be upgraded to Air service at your request. With this request, you will be required to cover the cost difference between the Ground and Air service. Please email photos and a complete description of the issue so we can complete the warranty process as quickly as possible. 

Warranty and Customer Care Issues one week or more after delivery

  1. Document the item with a photo. All photos should be clear and focused on the area of concern. We may request additional photos where criteria is not met.
    1. Scratches & Dents or Cracks – take your photo from an angle that shows the problem clearly.
    2. Open joints – frequently happens due to environmental causes – please refer to our warranty and specific product handling information on our website for more information regarding the environment in which our products are installed. Please include in your request for replacement the relative humidity of the home.
    3. Warped – lay the item on a flat surface and take your photo from either end. Please refer to our warranty information on our website or in our catalog for more information regarding tolerances in warping due to size.
    4. Wood grain or discolorations – please refer to the Wood Grade section of our website or catalogue. If the product you received does not match the description there or on the back of the sample you received, please send a photo to your CSR with an explanation.
    5. Problem with the Finish – take a clear and focused photo of the problem and send to your CSR. They may refer you to the handout that was included with your shipment regarding care of your product or to the Product Care & Handling page on our website.
    6. Hardware issues – take a photo or video showing the problem.
  2. Find the original PO or Elias sales order number or invoice number and circle or highlight the line item from that document.
  3. Report to your CSR. Include as many other relevant details as possible.
  4. We may request that the product be returned to us for further evaluation, testing or employee training.
  5. In order to proceed as quickly as possible, an estimate form will be sent to you upon receiving the request, please confirm the details and return. The order may or may not show a cost at this time while the request is being reviewed by the warranty team. If you do not wish to proceed with the replacement prior to request approval, please let your CSR know.

Freight Damage Claims

Please refer to our shipping policies for detailed instructions of what to do regarding freight damages.