The Elias Difference

Quality Committed, Timely Delivered, Environmentally Driven.

Elias Woodwork is quality committed to the core. From the selection of trees with suitable grain and color characteristics to the final quality control inspection before products are packaged and shipped, Elias Woodwork strives for perfection. We use the latest and best technologies available to the wood, thermofoil and polyester manufacturing industries to ensure absolute accuracy and consistency in all steps of production. From German manufactured molding machines to Italian made flat-line spray systems, Elias Woodwork has spared no expense to bring its quality commitment to the forefront of every product offering. The combination of technology, expertise and quality control rise to the surface of every product that leaves our manufacturing facility bound for your next customer’s project.

Elias Woodwork is timely delivered on every product. From our order processing department to your receipt of tracking information for your in-transit order, Elias Woodwork strives for timeliness. Every step of the order entry process, whether online through our AccessNow portal, or sent in to us, is given a deadline and overseen by your own personal customer service specialist. From your confirmation to begin production to our production department beginning to cut components is only a matter of hours. Our lean manufacturing mentality and production organization means that your order is simultaneously put under manufacture in multiple departments. While the frames for those cabinet doors are being cut and shaped, the panels are being carefully selected and color matched, while the wood for your crown moldings are pulled out of a lift of lumber and prepared for shaping. With every department overseen and collectively managed by our veteran production manager, you have more than 360 people working together to deliver your next project on time. Elias Woodwork’s product diversity including wood, thermofoil, profile wrapped and acrylic products allows you to save time and money by consolidating order processes and freight shipments.

Elias Woodwork is environmentally driven in a conscious world. From our lean manufacturing mentality to absolute use of waste, Elias Woodwork strives for environmental accountability. In all corners of our production process we aim to remove redundancy, waste and product storage. Through years of hard work and experimentation our production processes have been refined and timed to produce components only as they are needed, and not sooner. In this way we reduce the need to store and handle excess product, eliminating all energy consumption associated with doing so. The unavoidable waste wood from our manufacturing processes is converted into heat for our facility and for our lacquer curing ovens. Further, we have the privilege of working with natures very own fiber reinforced composite: wood. In partnering with us, you and your customers are safely storing carbon removed from the atmosphere by living trees and converted into wood. Wood is the utmost in renewable and environmentally friendly materials available today and is a living, breathing and beautiful choice in an environmentally conscious world.