Company Overview

Since 1983, Elias Woodwork has utilized the benefits of being located at the geographical center of North America. The progressive visions of the company's owners to implement Lean Manufacturing and Just In Time principles, along with the eagerness to work with other companies in a wide range of industries, has allowed us to continue to be competitive in the global market.

Since the early beginnings, Elias Woodwork has been growing very rapidly. At this point in our business development we are concentrating on making improvements in the existing operations to ensure that we offer the best products and service. Elias Woodwork currently employs a large staff of hard-working and dedicated people who are proud of the products and services they provide.

With a diverse product line that continues to grow, our facility itself has grown to its current size of 400,000 sqft, this includes 28,100 sqft of staining, lacquering and painting within the facility that utilizes the latest computerized, high-quality equipment that provides top quality consistent finishes.

A major part of our production is based on building cabinet doors and refacing products for the Kitchen and Bath industry as well as for the Recreational Vehicle industry. We have expanded our facilities to include several new lines of products; custom ready to assemble cabinet boxes, a polyester-saturated paper on MDF cabinet door line (DLV) and many new Thermofoil colors, plus a greatly expanded wood species selection.

With the growth potential we identified in our beginnings has come the opportunity to service customers outside of Manitoba and outside of Canada. The world is becoming a smaller place every day and products can be sold and shipped all around the world. Every day we are shipping to cabinet shops, commercial millwork shops, and refacing companies in the United States and Canada. International trade has become very important to us and we hope to cultivate the relationships necessary to sustain growth in this area.

It gives us great pleasure to present our products and services to you. There are still many products we provide that are not shown on our website or catalog, as we are able to manufacture almost any custom wood product. We invite you to request any products you might need that are not considered 'standard' for our industry.

We hope that your experience with Elias Woodwork will be pleasant and beneficial for your company. We look forward to working with and for you.

Elias Woodwork Company Overview 2024

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support our customer partners by providing superior products and services of exceptional value which helps them gain a competitive advantage in their industry. Elias Woodwork makes it a priority to develop customer relationships into partnerships that are built on trust, mutual success and long term commitment to common goals in keeping with our mission. We strive to sustain our mission by constantly seeking renewal via continuous education and learning, and the application of new technologies, products and business practices. We give priority to providing a nurturing, pleasant and growth oriented environment which encourages our people to be highly productive, empowered, and creative while experiencing growth personally and professionally. Our company continues to develop diversified products, catering to a wide range of industries which will allow us to achieve our mission and provide opportunity for the dedicated people at Elias Woodwork who follow us.

Ralph Fehr

President, Chief Executive Officer                                        

Ralph Fehr

Trevor Wiebe

Executive Vice President - Business Operations                                              

Trevor Wiebe

Eugen Klassen

CPHR, LIAT, Executive Vice President - Human Resources

Eugen Klassen