Sheet Goods

Elias Woodwork can provide various sheet goods to accommodate your project needs. Some of these sheet goods are used in the manufacturing process which allows us to make them available to our customers as “cut to size” pieces, however some sheet goods are kept in stock to complement our product lines and are sold as “whole sheets” only. Please read each of the sheet goods descriptions and charts carefully for information on which sheet goods are stocked or special ordered and whether they are “cut to size” or “whole sheets”. Each of the sheet goods products can be ordered with stains and clear coatings to match doors, molding and accessories.


Wood Veneer 4’ x 8’ with 10 mil backer are not sold as cut-to-size and are available in 4’ x 10’ sheets by special order only. Delivery time is based on availability.

Wood Veener 2’ x 8’ with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive backer (PSA by 3M) are not available as cut-to-size. Delivery time is based on availability.

Veneer on Veneer (Two Ply) is available in 4’ x 8’ sheets only. Delivery time is based on availability.