Artisan Series Range Hood

Artisan Hood

Prefabricated and designed for easy installation.

Features a patent pending French Cleat hanging method in which the beveled edge of the range hood slides behind reverse beveled edge of mounting board.

Silver metallic powder coated liner included.

Broan ventilation power module sold separately.

Hood Product CodeWood SpeciesWidthAvailability
ASWO36Red Oak, Flat Cut36"3-4 Weeks
ASWM36White Maple, Flat Cut36"3-4 Weeks
ASWC36Cherry, Flat Cut36"3-4 Weeks
ASWA36Clear Alder, Flat Cut36"3-4 Weeks
ASWO42Red Oak, Flat Cut42"3-4 Weeks
ASWM42White Maple, Flat Cut42"3-4 Weeks
ASWC42Cherry, Flat Cut42"3-4 Weeks
ASWA42Clear Alder, Flat Cut42"3-4 Weeks
ASWO48Red Oak, Flat Cut48"3-4 Weeks
ASWM48White Maple, Flat Cut48"3-4 Weeks
ASWC48Cherry, Flat Cut48"3-4 Weeks
ASWA48Clear Alder, Flat Cut48"3-4 Weeks