Tenon Cabinet Doors

Order Confirmations

The Purpose:

To ensure that all information regarding wood species and grade, profiles, sizes, and ship date are correct and/or acceptable to the customer. Every order sent to Elias Woodwork will have a confirmation sent back to the customer to verify that we understand what you want.

How to Use / Read:

Please read each of the highlighted sections on the confirmation carefully. Note that each of the highlighted areas correspond with wood tenon door codes only. If your confirmation has any other products listed, check the Order Confirmation page in each of those sections to verify the codes and their layout on the confirmation.

The ship date, especially the date shown in the “Service Level” chart will only take effect when the confirmation has been received by Elias Woodwork. The ship date shown on the confirmation is only valid if you follow these instructions.

If your customers require faster lead times, don’t forget that you can take advantage of changing your ship date in the “Service Level” chart on the confirmation!

Order Confirmation Form Explanation