Slab Doors & Drawer Fronts

Solid Wood Slab Doors

The following solid wood slab doors and drawer fronts provides that real wood quality and feel with a modern style. Note that the default grain direction is vertical on the doors and horizontal on all drawer fronts.

Solid Wood Slab Doors

Solid Wood Slab Drawer Fronts

Drawer Fronts

All wood slab drawer fronts are 0.8” standard door thickness with the exception of the E954 which is 1 1/16” thick. Default grain direction is horizontal.

Routered Groove Profiles
Routered Slab Front Detail

*Routered Groove Patterns are one size and do not change with the size of your drawer front.

E956 Detail
E954 Detail
Molded Drawer Fronts

Comes standard with a “B” edge.