Frames & Mullions

General Information


Elias Woodwork accepts orders in either in metric to the nearest millimeter or in inches to the nearest 1/16”. Whenever you are ordering or speaking with a Customer Service Specialist, please refer to cabinet doors WIDTH by HEIGHT. When ordering frames, please also indicate if you would like to receive rubber retainer molding, and select the color (brown, white or clear) that best suits your needs. We prefer you use our forms which outline all the information needed to complete your order.


Mullion Reference Chart



All mullions are manufactured to accept a single piece of glass and come with equally spaced lites. Custom spacing or an odd number of lites in a frame are available upon request. Please attach a sketch or drawing with your order for any custom mullion profiles and contact your Customer Service Specialist for a quote. If the number of lites is not specified for a mullion frame on an order, we will refer to the Mullion Lite Reference Chart and manufacture it accordingly. Check your order confirmations very carefully to ensure that your mullion frames will be produced as required.


Rubber Glass Retainer Molding

Colors available: Brown, white and clear.


Code Explanation

See Tenon Code Explanation or Miter Code Explanation for more information.


Coped End Mullions

Coped end mullions are a standard feature on most of our profiles. The matching profile and depth of the coped end mullion grilles add to the overall look of a mullion frame, especially when using a glazed finish. The grilles come installed.


Mullion Bars

Mullion bar profiles will complement door frame profiles selected.


Tenon & Miter Frame Glass Size Calculator

Tenon frame backs are routed with a 5/16” radius on the inside of the profile. Glass size calculation below configures glass size to ensure square glass inserts will fit.

Door size ― (stile/rail width x 2) + (glass overlap x 2)
ie: E500 101(2.25) FRM A 1 - - - - - - Size 15" x 30"
15" ― (2 1/4" x 2) + (7/16" x 2) = 11 3/8"
30" ― (2 1/4" x 2) + (7/16" x 2) = 26 3/8"
Glass size = 11 3/8" x 26 3/8”

Note: Tenon frames may have different sizes of stiles and rails in the same frame.