Curved Wood Components

General Information

curved kitchen


Please use the measuring guidelines shown in the Curved Door, Curved Overlay Face Frame & Door, Curved Inset Face Frame & Door, Curved Molding sections of the website. Click here for an easy to use Curved Door & Molding order form. See Ordering Information for more information and form use limitations. You may also print out the form and fill it in manually.

When using your own forms please include all information relative to the curved product. CAD drawings or hand drawings, that include all measurements, are also ways of sending information for quote requests.

Door Styles & Molding Profiles:

Radius doors are available in most tenon and miter along with most profiles. Refer to Tenon & Miter door section of the website for stile and rail options, panel options and outside edge options. Slab type curved doors are also available. See Curved Molding for available curved molding profiles. Please contact your Customer Service Representative to receive a quote for any custom door or molding profiles.


Elias Woodwork warrants that the radius doors have a size tolerance of +/- 1 mm.

Industry Applications:
curved doors and moldings

Elias Woodwork specializes in industries where design is the main focus, no matter the quantity. Radius doors and moldings are commonly used in designs for kitchens, bathrooms, in commercial settings and the RV industry. Curved components tend to be the “highlight” in the design and help to establish the overall look and feel of the design. Working with companies in those industries has allowed Elias Woodwork to produce orders in large quantities on an ongoing basis.

With a new sophisticated production system coupled with highly skilled and inventive employees you have a one-stop manufacturer for your custom designed radius door and large quantity orders. Elias Woodwork will produce your radius doors the way they were designed, you specify the radius and we manufacture to your specification.