Why Work at Elias Woodwork?

Do you realize how much of your life is spent at work? So do we! So why not make it the best experience possible? We at Elias Woodwork strive to do just that, by providing a family like environment where safety and stability are top priorities. Unlike many large manufacturers, Elias Woodwork does not believe in mass layoffs during slow periods, because we realize the value that every individual employee brings to our company. Elias Woodwork is also known for its flexibility, allowing employees to enjoy life at work as well as away from it!

Elias Woodwork offers 3 non rotational shifts – You choose what is right for you and your family!

Day Shift

Day Shift runs from Monday to Friday. The shift starts at 7:30 AM and goes to 3:45 PM. Production employees get paid till 4PM!

Evening Shift

Evening Shift runs from Monday to Thursday, that's right only 4 day's a week! The shift starts at 3:30/3:45 PM and runs till 1:30/1:45 AM. The Evening Shift breaks total 1 hour, which are all paid! You are at work for 10 hours and you get paid 10 hours. Perhaps the biggest bonus of all is that we pay a premium of $1.50/hr!

Part Time Evening Shift

Part Time Evening Shift normally runs from Monday to Thursday. The shift starts at 4:30 PM and goes till 10:30 PM. This shift is quite flexible and is specifically designed with students in mind.


Keeping the shifts non rotational, as well as not working on the weekend, our employees experience greater freedom and they have more personal time. These predictable hours also allow you to easily plan for your life outside of work.