Company Vision

Our Mission Statement

The success of Elias Woodwork is determined by our success in operating as a unified team. We have to earn the trust and respect of our customers every day in order to ensure that the customer makes the decision to choose our products and services. We sell service, and good service is provided by motivated, happy, well trained people. There are no magic formulas. Together we will strive to create a good working environment for everyone.

Our success is guaranteed by creative, productive employees who are empowered to make suggestions while thinking “outside the box.” Every job is essential to fulfilling our mission everyday to more people who “trust and respect” us.

The primary goal of Elias Woodwork, and our employees, is to live out our mission statement and continue to be an industry leader. We achieve this through dedicated hard work and commitment from every employee. It is the desire of Elias Woodwork's management, from top to bottom, to have every employee succeed in their job, and assist in achieving our corporate goals, as well as our employees' individual goals.

Ralph Fehr
Operations Manager

Trevor Wiebe
Business Manager

Eugen Klassen
Human Resources Manager