The Environment

Elias Woodwork – Green Practices

Elias Woodwork's hardwood suppliers are committed to using green lumber which is planted at a higher or equal rate to that of harvesting. Much of the hardwood we purchase is grown on farms which are committed to replanting what is harvested.

Green practices

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Elias Woodwork maintains a large wood recycling department to allow small cut off pieces of wood to be used in different product to reduce waste. Our large and diverse product line allows nearly all of our lumber to be used in some type of end product.

Scraps of wood which are too small to use in one of our many products, and sawdust are recycled by using it to heat our shop and office. This natural heat source greatly reduces the amount of natural gas and electricity that would otherwise be used.

Elias Woodwork is committed to recycling our lacquer into gunwash to reduce harmful products to be introduced to the environment.

Elias Woodwork is striving to continually reduce the use of paper by utilizing new computer equipment and software. Many of our departments and machinery use computers which download order cut list information, reducing, or in many cases eliminated the need for paperwork. The paper that is produced gets recycled.

Elias Woodwork realizes how blessed we are to live in our beautiful world, so we are always looking for new and improved ways of reducing waste for the better of our environment.