Dealer Aids

Elias Woodwork supplies sample kits tailored to your business.

Through many years of experience selling doors all across North America, we realize that what may be popular in California, may not be popular in Montana. We also have noticed that some manufacturers may want to sell certain species or door styles, and stay away from others.

Our Sales and Customer Service staff will work with you on preparing a sample kit which is tailored for your needs, and includes the products, species, colors and styles based on your input. Most sample kits ship within 1 week. Or, if you would prefer a mix of our most popular products, just let us know and we will send our standard sales kit to you. Each product comes with a label identifying the products to make ordering easy and accurate.

Sample Kits Available:

One time order per new customer

Sales Kit Bag
  • Comfortably fits four 11” x 15” sample doors
  • Includes four cotton bags for sample door protection
  • Room for supporting materials and sample chains
  • Padded section for laptop or electronic device
  • Dual combination locks
  • Telescoping handle system
  • Polyester body

Note: Picture shows carry case with sample kit. Price includes carry case only.

NOW OFFERING Custom Materials:

Let us help you market your business with some customized cards you can hand out to your potential customers. Each card can feature up to 16 doors and 2 accessories of your choice from our Premier Series catalog with YOUR business logo and contact information on the back. Minimum order of 100 cards.


  • (one time $50 set up fee)
  • $50 for 100 cards
  • $25 per additional 100 cards

Additional Kit Materials

Sample Chains
  • Additional Doors from stock sample list: $20 each
  • Additional Sample Chains:
  • Additional Premier Series Catalog: $3/catalog
  • Product Catalog: $5/catalog
  • Custom doors, color swatches and other product samples available upon request.


For all displays we have preselected the sample doors to show a large range of styles, materials and coating types to make sure you have something for everyone's tastes. If you would like to select the cabinet door styles yourself please indicate the doors you would like to have on your purchase order or talk to your Customer Service Specialist.

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The Free Standing Cabinet display holds up to twenty six 11” x 15” cabinet doors that are hinged and can be leafed through similar to pages in a book. The lower portion of the display has working cabinet doors and includes shelving in for brochures and other literature. There is space on the top of the display for your company's name and logo. The cabinet is made from Maple plywood that is stained and top coated with the same finishing lines that our cabinet doors go through. The cabinet doors will be machined for the supplied hardware but you will need to fix the brackets to the doors when you receive them.

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The Standing Floor Display is machined out of a nine ply white Birch. Its unique design allows it to be assembled and unassembled in just minutes, making it a great display to take to shows and events. This stand is stained and top coated with the same process that cabinet doors are done with and holds up to ten 11” x 15” cabinet doors.


The Hanging Wall Display consists of two aluminum “L” brackets machined to hold fifteen cabinet doors. The kit includes polished chrome hardware that attaches to the cabinet doors and fits in the supplied “L” brackets which will need to be fixed to a wall or mounted to your display unit. The cabinet doors are 11” x 15” in size and will be machined for the supplied hardware but you will need to fix the brackets to the doors when you receive them. There are fifteen cabinet doors included with this display.

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Table Top Refacing Before and After display is intended to help you describe the refacing process and give your customers a visual for transforming their existing cabinets from old to new which aids in the selling process. This versatile, light weight display is small enough to be carried and is intended for table top use. It can be utilized in a show room, as a home sales tool or even a trade show display. The display comes with two cabinet doors, a face frame, hinges, door pulls and crown molding.