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Wood Stain Colors

Touch Up Kit

Touch Up Kit

Elias Woodwork stocks touch up kits to match many of our most popular stain colors. These kits are user friendly and can be very useful for quick repairs to put the finishing touch on your job. Both stain pens and putty sticks are available in the following colors:

  • CC Harvest on Oak
  • CC Chestnut on Oak
  • CC Royal on Oak
  • Clear Lacquer on Oak
  • CC CafĂ© on Maple
  • CC Cordovan on Maple
  • CC Praline on Maple
  • CC Butterscotch on Maple
  • CC Champagne on Maple
  • Clear Lacquer on Maple
  • CC Cider on Cherry
  • CC Burgundy on Cherry
  • CC Amber on Cherry
  • Clear Lacquer on Cherry
  • Clear Lacquer on Hickory

Other colors may be available, please call for more information.