Glaze Colors

General Information

Elias Woodwork offers a large selection of glaze colors and application methods. These many combination options with our solid color lacquers and stain colors can result in the custom look of your choice. The four methods currently available are Artisan Glaze, Feathered Glaze, Brushstroke Glaze and our most recent addition the Ceruse Glaze. Each of these glaze methods can be used to create an aged door appearance, but each door style is unique and the glaze methods can be used to create that truly unique aged door with a modern twist, depending on the door style and colors chosen. The following is a description of each of these methods.

Artisan is a dry glaze that is sprayed onto the profiled areas of the product. The excess glaze is then wiped off to achieve a clean straight line in the grooves.

Feathered is a dry glaze that is sprayed onto the whole door. Steel wool is then used to wipe the glaze off leaving a feathered streak look with heavier lines in the grooves.

Brushstroke is a wet glaze applied to the whole door. A Brush is then used to brush off the glaze along the grain direction leaving brushstroke definition.

Ceruse Glaze is a dry glaze that is sprayed on the whole door. The entire door is then wiped clean including the grooves leaving glaze only in the wood grain. We recommend only using quarter cut oak or a similar species wood species with deep grain for this method.

All glaze colors and application styles are available with a clear finish or any of our solid color lacquer and stain colors.

Glazed Finish on a Cabinet Door

Eg. Artisan Glaze